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Our websites are currently offline for maintenance and testing. The expected downtime is not very clear due to the complex nature of the work being done. Memberships are paused during this downtime. Get notified by email when we are ready.

Quick update: We are still working on it. Sorry for the extended delay!

Background: This migration was forced on us suddenly when a standard server hardware failure occurred. Normally our hosting company would just click some buttons or replace some hardware to fix it. However, one of our servers used some ancient code, which required Windows Server 2008 to operate. This OS reached “end of life” in January 2020 and is therefore no longer supported by Microsoft or datacenter techs. This meant we could not get the usual support from our hosting company. The only way around this is to update the outdated code and migrate this section of our backend system to a modern OS.

Why the delay? It took us a while to find the problem and work out a solution and it’s a big deal to rewrite the code, so we explored a few options before making the difficult decision to rewrite. This is all ON TOP of the ongoing major rebuild which is happening in parallel. Argh! 🙁

Thank you for your continued patience!

We can be contacted at support@hush-hush.com

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