Hush-Hush.com, HushX.com and GoddessPost.com

Our websites are currently offline for redevelopment. A memberships are paused during this time. Get notified by email when we are ready.

We are pleased to announce the new websites will go live in late January 2021.

Thank you to everyone for your kind support and patience!

Background on the downtime: The websites went offline when a critical piece of our backend system failed as a result of a hardware failure.

Normally our hosting company would fix issues like this quickly by clicking some buttons or swapping out the hardware. However, the problem server used old code, which would only run on Windows Server 2008. Unfortunately this OS reached ‘end of life’ in January 2020 and is therefore no longer supported by Microsoft or the datacentre. We were hoping the server would survive until the release of the new websites, but the hardware had other plans.

Rather than wasting time and money re-creating the backend system that was lost, we decided to focus our entire attention on the redevelopment that was already underway. Sadly that meant taking the sites offline until the redevelopment is completed.

We can be contacted at support@hush-hush.com

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